Gifford Groves | 360 Views

Want to see what is around Gifford Groves? Check out this video that shows a 360 of the area!

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Gifford Groves #Progress | May 2019

This update shows the work that is being completed for the storm water drainage system of the Gifford Groves community. The sewer line installation has also began.

Gifford Groves #Progress | April 2019

Now that the grading has been completed, we start to install underground utilities. Our first underground work is to install storm water tanks and drainage pipes. When it rains, we have catch basins that take in the rainwater, drain it through pipes to the tanks and then the tanks are installed into a dry-well system that slowly percolates the rain water back into the soil. You can begin to see us installing the tanks underground and trenching for the storm water pipes and catch basins.

Gifford Groves #Progress | March 2019

Living #InTheGroves will be here before you know it!
- You can start to see the three main building pads and where the homes are primarily going.
-Every couple of feet of soil is being inspected by a third party engineering firm in order to confirm the proper compaction of each layer of soil, ensuring the homeowner that their home is on a stable foundation.

Gifford Groves #Progress | February 2019

Gifford Groves is underway! Before you know it we will be building our beautiful spec home!
-After the full demolition and environmental remediation of the existing buildings, we have started to grade the property.
-Our site grading contractor begins to "cut" the dirt and mix the topsoil of the land.
-The machines start to dig out the building pads and reach the appropriate depth in order to start building a compacted and strong foundation.