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Step 1 - Find Your Home

Take a virtual tour of your new home through our Virtual Realty Software.

Step 2 - Choose Your Collection

Choose your floor plan and interior collection package. Somma Realty will walk you through the builder purchase contract and answer any questions you may have about the project, community, process, etc.

Step 3 - Financing Options

If financing, work with our preferred mortgage broker or a lender of your choice to ensure that you maintain your qualifications and are ready to complete the purchase when your home is complete.

Step 4 - Under Construction

Watch your home being built with our weekly drone videos and receive community and construction updates via Also communicate with your lender to stay up to date on your mortgage approval.

Step 5 - 45 Days Out

When you are 45 days out from final closing of your home per the date specified on the contract, it is time to proceed with finalizing the home loan to fund and close on the home.

Step 6 - Move In!

Once your home is built and ready to move in, ensure that your financing is all set and ready to fund your purchase. Take your keys and start enjoying living #InTheGroves!


Gifford Groves

3240 E. Pinchot Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85018




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