The Hidden Costs of Renting

A long time ago, before I ever worked in mortgage finance, I moved 5 times in one year between apartments and friends’ homes. I finally landed living with my Grandparents so I could finish school and afford my bills. I struggled financially and was truly grateful for my Grandparents taking me in. I finished school and later moved out shortly thereafter. But all those moves taught me something valuable; renting and moving are expensive. Read More »

Homebot: Mortgage Reports Just for You

It’s no secret that people are turning to their smartphones and technology to guide them with information and decisions. The Real Estate industry is littered with technology to give you the most updated data feeds on the housing market and your home’s value. But what about technology tailored for your actual mortgage and the ways to build cash flow or save on interest? Read More »

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

If you’re like me, you maybe heard the song “Should I stay or Should I Go” from the Netflix series Stranger Things and felt cool reflecting 1980’s nostalgia. It can feel like late 2000’s nostalgia with the housing market; home values and interest rates are on the rise with a looming recession in a year or so. It begs the question, “Should I stay, or Should I Go?”. Except, darling is your house, not your girlfriend. Read More »

Housing Is Strong Going Into 2019

A recent headline in California suggested that home purchases are slowing down and values are expected to crumble soon.  You can read the article here.  This quite simply is not true and while California has been a predictor for the housing markets in the past, there are new regulations and conditions which determine the strength of overall housing going into 2019. Read More »