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Behind The Groves


Gifford Groves is a community built around sustainability and green living. Gifford Pinchot, for whom the community is named after, was an advocate of the forestry service and is responsible for bringing the notion of conservation to the world. We honor his legacy by building a community dedicated to his idea of conservation. All Gifford Groves homes are equipped with the latest electrical, water, window and gardening technology to allow each homeowner to enjoy the green urban lifestyle.

Gifford Groves is proudly built by CIMA Homes.

Stemming from the gilded construction trades of Italian antiquity. The same quality and passion that drove the ancestors of the founders is established in CIMA Homes. Workmanship, trust, integrity, and honesty lead to valuable and long lasting structures. The ones that still stand visible in the old country today. Project by project, CIMA Homes builds only the best for the owner and the community.

Max, Christen, Giovanna, Tony



Gifford Groves

3240 E. Pinchot Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85018




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